Turn Signal Lamps

A preferred partner around the globe...

SMR’s mirror-integrated turn signal lamp adds significant aesthetic value to many car models. Its location at the outermost position of a vehicle and near the eye level of drivers ensures optimum visibility of the signal light.

Launched by SMR in 1998 in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, it is a symbol of innovation and successful integration of mirror and lighting systems. Today, SMR's incandescent, LED and state-of-the-art light pipe turn signals provide unique styling to exterior mirrors for almost all brands of the leading car makers.

By avoiding openings in the fender and the possibility of connection to the wiring of the turn signal in the exterior mirror, cost benefits are utilized as a result of the location.Increasing demands on optimization of cost, weight, installation space and design, call for innovation of new technologies for the mirror turn signal in the future.