Trailer Tow Mirrors

Market and technology leadership

Telescopic Trailer Tow (TTT) mirrors are one of the most appreciated truck and SUV accessories today, as they are an essential when towing any type of load. Their functional design allows the driver to extend the head of the mirror when towing and retract it for normal driving conditions. It is a safety accessory that adds to the look of a car and also maintains the physical attributes of a standard exterior mirror.

SMR is a world leader and specialist in their design and manufacture, and is largely responsible for the evolution of the technology.

SMR is the first to incorporate both power- telescoping and power- folding functions into a trailer tow mirror. This allows the driver to electrically extend the mirror heads when towing and electrically fold the mirrors to the vehicle when parking.

The basis for success is the capability to develop and produce electric drive modules in-house.