Lighting Systems

Broad lighting portfolio

Each year SMR offers a broad portfolio of automotive lighting products for interior and exterior applications. It has expertise in LED technologies, electronics and light guide solutions, and is supported by modern design and manufacturing capabilities for any kind of lighting products. SMR provides innovative and highly-customized solutions to its customers.

SMR’s strength in lighting technology gives it a distinct advantage in manufacture of exterior mirrors, interior mirrors and license plate carriers as these products are increasingly equipped with integrated lamps.

Lamps integrated in exterior mirrors

Turn signals
Ground illumination
Signal lights for driver assistance systems

Lamps integrated in exterior mirrors

Interior lamps
Reading lamps
Courtesy lamps

Interior Lamps

Ambient light LEDs
Reading lamps
Ground illumination integrated in door panels

Exterior Lamps

Stop lamps
Rear signal lamps
Fender-mounted turn signal lamps
License plate illumination