Exterior Mirrors

Market and technology leadership

With an annual production volume of 40 million exterior mirrors for almost all large vehicle manufacturers, SMR is a global leader with significant market shares in Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia.

SMR is also a technology leader with a variety of market launches of new functions and technologies in exterior mirrors and has a leading position in the innovation-driven European luxury segment.

Matching solution for every specification

SMR provides both customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers and standardized platform solutions, providing the benefits of low complexity and high volume. With in-house capabilities for design, CAE, plastic and die-cast technologies, electric drives, lighting technologies, electronics, painting and glass processing, SMR offers a comprehensive range of exterior mirrors for all sizes of vehicles and price segments.

Cost-driven segments

Cost-driven segments Full plastic design
Grained housings
Solid color Moulding
Flat and convex glass
Manual mirror fold
Manual glass adjustment

Medium segments

Medium segments Painted housings and covers 
Convex and aspheric glass
Glass heating
Electric glass adjustment
Power fold mechanisms
Bulb and LED turn signals
Temperature sensors

Performance and premium segments

Performance and premium segments  Structural aluminum components
Memory position adjustment
LED light guide turn signals
Ground illumination
LIN Bus nodes
Integrated blind spot detection systems
Warning lights for driver assistance systems

Commercial vehicle segments

Grained and painted housings and cover
Bulb and LED turn signals
Glass heating
Manual and electric glass adjustment
Manual and power fold mechanisms
Manual and power telescope feature